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We are delighted that you are thinking about a Baptism for yourself or your children. If you would like to discuss this further our Rector, Judy Darkins (01797 270227), will be happy to meet with you.

We encourage Baptisms to take place within a main morning service on the first or second Sunday in the month at 10.30. However we recognise that this is not always convenient, therefore we offer Baptisms at other times. If you want to arrange this please contact Judy for further details. 

If you are not a regular member of our congregation, before booking a Baptism, we may invite you to come to one of our services, so that you get a chance to meet us and become familiar with our church. 

A Baptism application form can be downloaded here or can be picked up from the back of the Church. We will agree suitable dates when we meet you. Once we have received your application, we will confirm the date and time of the Baptism, and arrange a visit to meet the family and discuss the service with you.

Frequently asked Questions:

Do Parents and Godparents need to be baptised?

Church law asks that Godparents must be baptised and ideally parents should also be baptised. Baptisms can still be arranged if this is not so, but please talk with our Rector Judy. 

Is there a maximum or minimum age for baptism?

Children and adults can be baptised at any age.

Baptism of children who live outside the parish?

The best place for Baptism is in your local church because Baptism requires parents and godparents to make a serious commitment to bring children up within the church family. If you live outside our parish, we will ask you to contact your nearest church first before arranging a baptism with us.

Fees for Baptism service?

There are no fees for a baptism service. However, as we depend upon your generous support we normally take a collection at a Baptism service.


We are pleased that you are considering getting married in our church. To download an application form please click here. For wedding information and fees please click on this link. If you wish to speak to someone about getting married in our church in more detail please contact our Rector, Judy Darkins (01797 270227).